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African Drylands Institute for Sustainability
College of Agriculture and Veterinary Science
University of Nairobi
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Job Description

Prof J.T.Njoka

Principal Investigator


Dr. David Ole Nkedianye

Nkedianye is the Assistant Co-Ordinator at the Centre for Sustainable Dryland Ecosystems and Societies (CSDES) at the University of Nairobi. At the Centre, David mainly focuses on outreach to Dryland communities with a particular interest on higher education. He studied at the University of Edinburgh (PhD), University of Nairobi (M.A) and at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (B.Ed). His research and work interests include Pastoral mobility, livelihoods, education, land use, management of natural resources and community involvement.



Peter Kamande is the Project Manager of the Centre. He has a background in Physical Land Resources Management (MSc.) and Range Management (BSc). Mr. Kamande is skillful in conducting research and reviews on topical issues in dryland resource management and conservation,  design and implementation of baseline surveys, situational analysis, and project management (Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation). He has over 10 years working experience having worked with/for reputable institutions and organizations like United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), Practical Action and The African Union's Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR).


Sylvia Sumare is the Centre’s Project Administrative Assistant. She has a background in Office Administration (Currently pursuing a degree in Bsc. Business Administration), Arch view, accounting, Computer Science, and Community development. She has over 8 years of experience working with various institutions including International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Rolex Garments EPZ Ltd, Friends of Nairobi National Park (FoNNaP) and The Wildlife Foundation (TWF). She is active in pastoral community development being the member of Olakira lo Osiligi Company and a leader of two self-help groups; the Naserian Women and Ilmao Self- Help Groups.


Peter Mwangi is the Centre’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialist. He has a background in Information Technology (BSc), From Makerere University. He has 2 years of working experience having worked as a technician at Sight and Sounds Computers Limited (SSCL),He is well endowed with skills on web design and network management and security. 

Mr.Mwangi, has interest in the field of Geo-Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing.



Daniel is a Communication consultant for the Centre. Professional qualifications for Mr. Kamau are in Business Administration (MBA), Marketing option and Mass Communication (BA) Public Relations option. He has taught at Zetech College taking communication, marketing and public relations. He has also been involved in conducting social research with Modern Service Technology (MST).



Frankline Awuor is a graduate intern in the communication department of the Centre helping with editorial work. His professional qualifications are in Range Science (BSc. and MSc.). He has skills in research design, methods, data collection and analysis having worked at Mpala Research Centre. He is a creative writer, a public speaker and salesman.



Joe is an intern in the communication department of the Centre. He is a journalist by training (BA in Communication and Journalism) specializing in print and electronic media including graphics design and web media. He is also a blogger and creative writer.





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