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Peter Mosiany (Attached to Dupoto e Maa Organization)

I was attached at a livestock livelihood program where my duties revolved around the livestock restocking program. We taught pastoralists ways of how to generate income from their vast livestock by identifying the best time and place to sell their livestock. During the three month internship period I was able to learn how to develop proposals, carrying out field assessments and learnt community dynamics.

Rebecca Katitia (Attached to Dupoto e Maa organization)

As a trained teacher, my aim was to educate the locals and bring change in the society. I understood I was dealing with a community in the dryland whose major problem was high rates of school drop outs. The girl child I discovered in the community is less privileged and does attain basic school education. The girl child I learnt is often married off at a tender age. Using myself as an example and as a young university female graduate I explained to pupils the need to focus on formal education if meaningful change is to be achieved amongst them.

Sylvester Mashati (Attached to PhD research scientist Peris Kariuki)

I assisted Ms. Peris Kariuki in data collection. As a young College graduate I was able to understand different ways of conducting research and how to make your respondents provide you with reliable data. I visited markets, households to administer my questionnaires. I also conducted several interviews. I learnt how to best plan while considering budget expectations. I also learnt report writing which is critical in any research or field visit.

Joe Lepatei Attached to CSDES Office

As a trained journalist, I actively undertook all the communication activities at CSDES. I have been able to perfect my writing skills, editing of news articles and reports, perfected my skills in the art of videography, photography and sound recording. This resulted to the production of a brief documentary for the Centre. I also updated the Center’s website and social sites. I participated in several field trips to the drylands where I documented activities of my fellow interns in both electronic and print media format.

Agnes Keshine (Attached to Mr. Stanley Kibet, a Dryland Resource Management PhD student)

During my internship I learnt the importance of invasive species, for instance plants of the genus Opuntia, in the society. I also learnt in practice what group dynamics entails and the art of convincing respondents to appreciate the importance of research. I worked very closely with my mentor who encouraged and advised me on the best choice to take in my carrier.

Priscillah Lalampaa Attached to Mainyoito Pastoralists Integrated Development Organization (MPIDO)

As an intern, I attended several trainings and created awareness on climate change and environment issues. I published several reports, wrote articles on climate change, the dangers of charcoal burning and human-wildlife conflict.

Peter Kaimi, (attached to PhD candidate and research scientist Judith Mbau)

After successfully completing my internship, I now have firsthand experience in collecting and analyzing data. My lessons have been great including what community development and management entails. I have consequently developed interest in drylands and would wish to pursue a degree in drylands management.


Irene Kasaine,(attached to Mary Morara, a Dryland Resource Management PhD student doing her research in Kitengela)

My internship has equipped me with the ability to use the Global Positioning System (GPS). It has enabled me to know how to conduct group discussions and conducting research.


Irene Nailan attached to Maa AIDS Awareness Program MAAP)

I participated in data collection for the orphaned and vulnerable children. During my internship I recruited orphans who were then awarded sponsorships to further their education. I further participated in medical camps, assisted the finance assistant with budgeting and procurement. I also wrote reports for the organization and applied for grants. I learnt a lot.

Frankline Otiende Attached to CSDES Office

The art of writing and reading my byline has always been my quest for many years. I have written manuscripts on poems and many religious themes but have never come to realize their publication. The closest attempt has been to have my manuscript lie with a publisher for 10 years now. Indeed quiet discouraging for an aspiring author. However, at the Centre the first rays of my dream broke upon my eyes. While providing both technical knowledge as a dryland management expert, coupled with my mastery of the English language, I know have a byline in the Centre’s magazine. It was enjoyable writing and editing at the Centre. My soft skills in minute taking and writing and coordination of field courses have greatly improved. Besides giving me the opportunity for internship, the Centre through it Research for Development awards sponsored part of my research for my Master’s degree program. The Centre has positively impacted my life.


Peris Kariuki, PhD candidate & a Research Scientist at National Museum of Kenya (NMK)

As a mentor and a PhD student at CSDES I trained my intern Sylvester Mashati on how to plan for an activity and make budgets. I have also secured him a chance as an intern at NMK resource Centre where he has learnt a lot. Sylvester assisted me penetrate his community and conduct my research with ease. He assisted me break the language barrier by conducting translation. During my research I was able to assist the communities identify plants that are rich in medicinal value. I attended several workshops and encouraged women to strive and attain education. I was able to link the CSDES with the Loita Centre. The community at Loita is interested in having a working partnership with the CSDES.


Judith Mbau, PhD candidate & a Research Scientist at National Museum of Kenya (NMK)

My intern assisted me in analyzing the political and social landscape of my area of research. He assisted me break the communication barrier and data collection. With his presence, the community members were available for interviews and answering the questionnaire. The community also expressed gratitude to the Centre for having identified a student from their village to assist in the research.


Dickson Kaelo, PhD candidate Dryland Resource Management PhD student doing his research at Maasai Mara

I was mentored by a PhD student from the University of London among others. Coming from a pastoralist community I have worked hard to ensure that I excel in my studies. During my research, I also educated young students on the need of excelling in education.


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