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An experience on GIS training by Dr. Richard N. Onwonga, a Lecturer in LARMAT department

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Wed, 2013-05-08 09:04

It was a humbling experience to attend and participate in the 5 day intensive training course on GIS and Spatial Analysis. The diversity of participants; students at various levels of postgraduate study (MSc and PhD), staff (academic and Technical), experts and non-experts made the training bubbly as indeed there was a niche for all of us to exploit. 

The icing on the cake was the able facilitation by Prof. Randy Boone from Colorado State University (CSU) and Dr. Laban McOpiyo  who were capable of delivering the training with such apparent ease that all the participants were always left wanting more. The course organization and mode of delivery was well thought out. The review of the history of GIS since the 70’s to date, brought us up to speed on the advances of the same.

Moreover, the subsequent topics; Spatial data and design, Single- and multiple-layer analysis, Queries and reasoning, Transformation, Interpolation and density functions, Raster analysis basics, Indices and suitability modeling, among others, literally opened up the world and capabilities of GIS before our own eyes.

The hands on exercises were particularly attention-grabbing as they provided room not only to put theory into practice but likewise allowed for participant animated interactions. All said and done, the course provided the much needed exposure and trigger to explore more about GIS technologies and ultimately assert my authority in postgraduate thesis (with elements of GIS) supervision.

Caption: Dr. Richard Onwonga a lecturer at the department of LARMAT explores the GIS software during a practical session on GIS.

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