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Date and time: 
Thu, 2013-08-01 08:30
Location / Venue: 

Westlands Pride Inn Hotel

The Centre for Sustainable Dryland Ecosystems and Societies (CSDES) held a very successful and interactive half-day seminar on 1st August 2013 entitled; Delivering Technologies to Communities and Counties through University/Research /Extension Partnership Model.

The Seminar which took place at the Pride Inn hotel, Westland, Nairobi was aimed at bringing together key partners of University of Nairobi’s (UoN) Dryland Centre to focus on how outcomes of research, extension services and technological innovations can reach a broad audience within the drylands. The specific objectives of the Seminar were:

  1. To share the experiences from University/Research Institutes/National Government  Extension Delivery Models in Kenya
  2. To learn from the US Land Grant University led Extension Model- example of Colorado State University
  3. To explore opportunities for University/Research/ Extension partnerships for Engagement with Communities and County Governments.

Among the partners present at the seminar were: Colorado State University (CSU) Professors, UoN professors and senior officials, faculty member from Dedan Kimathi University of Science and Technology , representatives from Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDP)- Kajiado County, USAID Kenya, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and fisheries, Reto-o-reto, Community representatives from Machakos and Marsabit Counties.

Making her opening remarks, Prof. Lucy Irungu, Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC), Research, Production and Extension (RP&E) explained the mandate of the research, production and extension division at UoN which is promoting the discovery, application and dissemination of knowledge through quality research and innovation and spearheading the utilization and uptake of knowledge by the end users.

Prof. Irungu noted that Universities need to reconsider how they engage with the communities so that the research being undertaken can have tangible benefits to the societies. She underscored the commitment of University of Nairobi in supporting research and extension services that will impact the communities.

Dr. Julius Kilungo from USAID Kenya appreciated the relationship that has existed between UoN and CSU. He said that USAID recommended the National Agricultural Sector Extension Policy (NASEP) launched in June 2012 by the former President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki to the relevant institutions so as to revitalize extension and make it more relevant to the communities.

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Mon, 2015-08-31 08:50
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Prof J T Njoka

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