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Fri, 2013-11-29 09:58
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Pollinators are important bio-indicators of ecosystem health and contribute to food security. This is according to Dr. Wanja Kinuthia, a Research Scientist from the National Museum of Kenya. While giving a public lecture on pollination, Dr. Wanja underscored the role of pollination, a key ecosystem service responsible for crop reproduction and livestock feed.

Dr. Wanja was speaking at the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS), University of NairobI (UoN) during a seminar organized by the Centre for Sustainable Dryland Ecosystems and Societies (CSDES) on 14th November, 2013. The seminar, titled Pollination: The Forgotten Essential ecosystem Service attracted more than 70 participants including University dons, students and other staff from UoN.

Making her presentations, Dr. Wanja noted that 80% of flowering plant species produce seeds only if pollinators move pollen from anthers of one flower to the stigma of another. She highlighted a number of researches that have been done that clearly indicate the contribution of pollination to agriculture. For example one study conducted in Kakamega showed that pollinated legumes weighed more and had a higher protein content, while in yet another study, research showed that pollinated watermelon was deeper red, sweeter and heavier.

Dr. Wanja emphasized on the need to reconsider the development agenda versus the need to conserve pollinators. The Researcher called for collaboration in public education with the aim of: extending the knowledge base, promotion of pollinator-friendly practices, capacity building, public awareness, mainstreaming and information-sharing on pollination.

While giving his remarks, Prof. R.K. Ngugi, acting Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, appreciated the efforts made by CSDES in organizing such a forum aimed at creating a vibrant think tank at CAVS. He thanked everyone for sparing time to attend the very informative and eye opening lecture. He also acknowledged Dr. Kinuthia Wanja for taking time to give the lecture at the College.

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