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Fri, 2014-05-02 09:18

Before attending a three days e-learning course at the Centre for Sustainable Dryland Ecosystems and Societies (CSDES), Dr. Stephen Mureithi a Lecturer at the Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT), University of Nairobi (UoN) was looking for ways on how to creatively present content and ideas to his undergraduate and post graduate students. Today, Dr. Mureithi can creatively deliver his lectures using the e-learning platform.


CSDES which is a partnership project between UoN and Colorado State University (CSU) held a three days e-learning training course from 3rd to 6th May 2014 that benefitted six faculty members.  The course was facilitated by e-learning expert from CSUin  USA, Professor Emeritus, Robert Woodmansee.


The e-learning program is an effort to modernize course and content delivery to students using digital methods. This includes putting the content in Power point and adobe presenter including audio voice and short videos of the lecture. Ready files can be uploaded in an online platform like the USAID Natural Resource Management and Development Portal (RM-Portal). The students can then log in securely and listen to the lecturers, do activities and assignments, report back to the lecturer and interact with each other online.


Dr. Mureithi explains that the e-learning program is incredibly convenient because it multiplies time both for the lecturer and the student, by enabling them to interact and work online despite their physical locations at any given time.  “Students will not need to miss a lecture because I am out of campus, since all the lectures will be online and they will have access to particular lectures, with audio. When they have questions they can post them in the interactive forum, and their colleagues or I can answer them”. He says.


“The e-learning course has kept me on my toes trying to see how best to creatively present an idea inform of a short video, a cartoon or a picture. I have started incorporating the lessons I learnt in my work, starting with putting all my lectures in power point presentation format, followed by editing the text into notes that are ideally the script I will read when adding the audio. I am committed to see this process completed and have all my courses in this modern e-learning platform.


Dr. Mureithi says that he is also involved in developing an online course on Sustainable Dryland Ecosystems and Societies. The course will be offered jointly between CSDES, University of Nairobi and CSU.


Dr. Mureithi is grateful to USAID for funding the development of RM-Portal and CSDES for offering an opportunity for the faculty to network with CSU colleagues. “We are learning great things from them and I hope they too are doing the same from us.”

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