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Fodder Production Training and e-learning in Marsabit, Turkana and Wajir Counties, Kenya

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Date and time: 
Mon, 2016-10-17 09:24

Fodder Production Training and e-learning Held in Marsabit, Turkana and Wajir Counties


The pioneer e-learning and technology transfer event on fodder production was successfully organized and held in northern Kenya, The events led by African Drylands Institute for Sustainability- University of Nairobi (ADIS/UoN) were held in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MoALF).

Operating within the principles of sequencing integration and layering, ADIS/UoN has, since 2015, implemented a Fodder Production Improvement Project. The objective is to increase access to and availability of fodder in northern Kenya. During the year 2015/16, the 3 years project assessed the organizational and technological capacity amongst fodder producers.  In an e-learning mode ADIS-UoN commenced transfer of knowledge and skills required for improved fodder production. The 21 days learning session led by Ms. Damaris Mwangi-A PhD Student in Dryland Resource Management: Forage Breeding and Genetics reached out to 400 fodder producers and entrepreneurs.  

Key achievements:

  1. Validation of organizational capacity assessment (OCA) report; verified groups or individual fodder producers, the critical elements for effective organizational management, and identifying those areas that need strengthening or further development;

2.Validation of technological capacity assessment (TCA) report

  1. Training on cultivars selection; use of species and traits of high yielding forage/fodder legumes and grasses;

4.Training on conservation agriculture technologies;.

ADIS-UoN acknowledge the financial support provided by International Livestock Research Institute through the Accelerated Value Chain Development Project


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