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Prof Eshiwani Arthur A. Publications
12000The Company Secretary: Reflections On A Dying Profession In Kenya(JICGK0
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21998Trends In Auditors Legal Liability In Kenya: A Professional Under Siege Journal Of ICPAK, July-September
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31995Fighting Two Sides: - Kenyas Chiefs And Politicians: 1918-1940 By Marshalls Clough (Niwot University Press, Colorado, A Review Article Of The Historic Role Of Chiefs N Kikuyu-land In Colonial Politics And Administration, JMALR, London
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41994The Decentralization Process In Kenya: The Place Of Local Authorities - The African Centre For Technology Studies, (ACTOS), Nairobi, Research Memorandum Series
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51992Institution Building In Kenya: A Triumph Or Tragedy? JALD Vol. 1: 18 Studies (ACTS), Nairobi, 1992
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61984Politics And The Law: A Sampling O Pointers From The Bench
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71984The 1984-85 Budgetary Measures: Some Comments For Foreign Investors, Bulletin For International Fiscal Documentation, Amsterdam, Holland, Vol. 38, No.12:543
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81984The Legal Personality And The Wolrd Of Fact: A Myth Or Reality?
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91984Taxation For Environmental Conservation: A Nomadic Survey Of Determinative Factors Fr Kenya: The African Centre For Technology Studies
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101983Legal Implications Of Managerial Decisions
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111979The Ultra-Vires Axe - Some Reflections, 1979:9 (Commissioned By The Institute Of Certified Public Accountants, Kenya, For Purposes Of Launching The First Offical Journal Of The Institute
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