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African Drylands Institute for Sustainability
College of Agriculture and Veterinary Science
University of Nairobi
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Nairobi , Kenya /
Tel: 254-020-2133086
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Dr. Njogu Peter Mbugua Publications
12017Antimalarial Pyrido[1,2-a]benzimidazoles: Lead Optimization, Parasite Life Cycle Stage Profile, Mechanistic Evaluation, Killing Kinetics And In Vivo Oral Efficacy In A Mouse Model
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22017Designed Hybrid Compounds For Tropical Parasitic Diseases
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32017Antischistosomal Activity Of Pyrido[1,2-a]benzimidazole Derivatives And Correlation With Inhibition Of β-hematin Formation
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42016Current And Future Strategies For Improving Drug Discovery Efficiency
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52015Computer-Aided Drug Discovery Approaches Against The Tropical Infectious Diseases Malaria, Tuberculosis, Trypanosomiasis, And Leishmaniasis
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62015Ethnobotanical Survey Of Food And Medicinal Plants Of The Ilkisonko Maasai Community In Kenya
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72013Recent Developments In Rationally Designed Multitarget Antiprotozoan Agents
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82013Design, Synthesis And Antiplasmodial Activity Of Hybrid Compounds Based On (2R,3S)-N-benzoyl-3-phenylisoserine
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92012Hybrids Of (2R,3S)-N-benzoyl-3-phenylisoserine And Anticancer Pharmacophores: Design, Synthesis And Biological Evaluation
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102011Phytochemical And Antimicrobial Investigation Of Girardinia Diversifolia (Link) Friis (Urticaceae)
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