About Us

ADIS envisions sustainable dryland ecosystems and prosperous societies in Kenya’s arid and semi-arid areas and the IGAD Region. It is a centre of excellence in transdisciplinary education, professional development, action research, and technology transfer for improved livelihoods and resilient communities in drylands.

What we do

  • Research, innovation and technology transfer for drylands development
  • Training and capacity building (professional development courses)
  • Experiential courses, student internship, and mentorship of local and international students
  • International faculty and student exchange programs
  • Community engagement and empowerment
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and policy dialogue
  • Building partnerships and networking within and outside UoN
  • Resource mobilization
  • Consultancy services (research, project management, baselines)

Our partners and clients

County Governments, National Government, National Drought Management Authority, KALRO, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), ILRI, Mpala Research Centre, Mercy Corps, USAID, CORDAID, DANIDA, Millennium Water Alliance, Colorado State University, Roskilde University, Bayero University, McGill University, African Conservation Centre, UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), UNDP, Christian Impact Mission among others.