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All Africa Conference of Churches, Westlands

The African Drylands Institute for Sustainability (ADIS) continues to be a preferred multidisciplinary centre of excellence at the University of Nairobi for applied research, capacity building, knowledge management and stakeholder engagement on drylands development and resilience building in Kenya and the Horn of Africa. On 4th June 2019 ADIS in partnership with Roskilde University and through funding by DANIDA hosted a graduate research feedback and learning workshop at the All Africa Conference of Churches, Westlands in Nairobi.  The event brought together a multidisciplinary team of young researchers and faculty members from the ADIS and the departments of LARMAT, Animal Production, Agricultural Economics, Food Science and Veterinary Pathology all from the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS). The workshop was dubbed Livestock Production Systems, Marketing, Trade, and Governance Dynamics at the Margins of Pastoral communities in the Horn of Africa (HoA) and its overall objective was to provide a learning and knowledge-sharing platform on livestock production and marketing dynamics in Horn of Africa drylands.


Masters and PhD students from  various departments at CAVS presented their research findings on various aspects of livestock, ranging from governance of cross-border marketing corridors (e.g. Garissa-Somalia), market infrastructure, pastoral production systems, stratified livestock production systems, and livestock diseases and pastoral resilience. The event also provided a platform for senior researchers/faculty members to mentor the young scientists by providing guidance and insights on ongoing research and relevance to national policy and economic development.


The workshop was officially opened by Professor George Chemining’wa, Dean Faculty of Agriculture, acting on behalf of the Principal of CAVS, Prof. Rose Nyikal. During his opening remarks, he underscored the importance of the multidisciplinary platform since problems tend to be multifaceted and multidisciplinary in nature. He appreciated the role ADIS was playing in spearheading multi-disciplinary research and stakeholder engagement at CAVS and UoN at large and that others need to emulate this example.

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Thu, 2022-06-30 (All day)
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Prof Njoka

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