The faculty structure has four departments;


In addition to the four departments, the faculty of agriculture shares the Department of Animal Production, housed in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in offering its programmes. Each of the departments is endowed with highly qualified academic and technical support staff.  The faculty has unlimited access to irrigated land for field-based research and greenhouses for controlled experimentation.  The laboratory infrastructure is well established and under continuous upgrading. The Faculty of Agriculture currently has eight  (8) undergraduate and nineteen (19) Masters degree programmes spread out in the departments. The training programmes are regularly reviewed to incorporate emerging scientific and technological issues in the agricultural, food and environmental sciences. Notable among such rapid changes related to knowledge in the areas of biotechnology, information technology and environmental quality. Our programmes have a strong practical component, which puts emphasis on participation in carrying out relevant research and outreach activities aimed not only in increased agricultural production but also in environmental protection. About 95 of the academic staff in the Faculty are trained up to PhD level. In partnership with researchers from other universities, and national and international research institutions, over the years, our staff have been involved in cutting edge research in various fields, ranging from agronomy, crop protection and soil sciences, to food technology and nutrition, and agricultural economics.

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